Instructional Technology

The effective use of teaching and learning technologies is an increasingly important part of teaching. SMCCCD provides support for a wide variety of technology needs — from the selection of the right tools to understand the best ways of implementing them in your teaching.


Instructional Technology Tools

The following tools are free to use for SMCCCD students and employees. Click each tile to learn more about each tool, potential applications, and available support. If you have questions about these or other instructional technology tools, please contact your campus Distance Education team.

Learning Management

Canvas Logo

Canvas is a Learning Management System offering tools that support instructor innovation, student engagement and student success.

Real-time Messaging

Pronto Logo

Pronto is a Real-time messaging app that empowers you to communicate more effectively and have fun doing it!

Video Hosting & Captioning

Panopto Logo

Panopto stores and captions your videos for use in Canvas.

Laboratory Simulation

Labster Logo

Labster is a virtual lab simulation for your online lab science courses.

Video Conferencing & Meetings

Zoom Logo

Zoom offers a reliable cloud platform for video and audio conferencing, chat, and webinars.

Proctoring for Assessments

Proctorio Logo

Automated remote proctoring service that uses computers to monitor student behavior.

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